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Perma paver edging USAGE and yields

The characteristics that make Perma Paver Edging ideal for cold & hot weather climates are also what makes it ideal for the various types of base in which it can be applied. Perma Paver Edging is the most versatile paver edging on the market today, and once you edge your first project you will agree...there is no turning back to yesterdays traditional plastic or concrete edgings. Perma Paver Edging is a superior product for the uses listed below:

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Open Graded/ Clear/ Permeable base

One bucket of Perma Paver Edging will yield approx. 18-22' of edging

Perma Paver edging was designed to float and flex with the clear base, and not work independently like some of the other edge restraints. Perma will secure your edges, unlike some of the spiked methods, where a spike will not stick into a clear base. 


When applying Perma Paver Edging on a clear base, you will experience the chips/bedding layer will roll out or undermine from the pavers edge. Apply the Perma Paver Edging along the edge and fill any voids from undermining prior to troweling using a gloved hand, or hand trowel. 


Crushed / dense base applications

One bucket of Perma Paver Edging will yield approx. 22-28' of edging.

Perma Paver Edging will out perform other edge restraints on a dense base. It will not heave and expose itself like some of the other spiked edging. Perma will make installation a breeze around inside/outside corners, and curves. 


Natural stone/porcelain/ tiles

Perma can be used on thin materials down to 1" thickness.  One bucket of Perma Paver Edging will yield approx. 25-33' of edging .


When using Perma on a thin profile material, only bring Perma paver edging up on the base of the material approx. 1/4" to allow turf growth if needed. There is no need to apply Perma any higher , as your main objective is to secure your bedding layer under the stone.