Perma Edge paver edging is ideal for all climates
Better Product – Better Project.
No More Failed Edges!

The Best Paver edging product - period!

It's not all about Strength. It's not all about Flexibility. It's not all about Permeability.

The perfect combination of the three (strength, flexibility and permeability) is what makes Perma Paver Edging the best choice in paver edge restraints.

If the product is super strong, you lose flexibility. If it's too flexible or too permeable, you lose strength! Perma Paver Edging has done extensive testing to make sure the product has the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and permeability! Perma Paver Edging has been engineered and field tested for over 4 years with over 200 miles of Perma Paver Edging on the ground in a variety of climate conditions.

We are confident that it is THE BEST performing paver edge restraint on the market.

Why The bucket?

Seems like a weird question right? Well we are paver guys. There's a reason for the packaging! Perma Paver Edging can be deliverd to your job site with your pavers. Don't have enough indoor storage space at your shop or job site? NO WORRIES! Perma Paver Edging can be stored outside! Stick them in the mud. Deliver while raining or snowing... it doesn't matter because our heavy duty buckets protect the product from all the elements. NO TORN BAGS, LOSS OF MATERIALS or HARDENED PRODUCT. We think it matters! Feel secure knowing that Perma Paver Edging is ready to use when you are all set to finish the job!

Perma paver edging is A superior edging product for all climates

By installing new or replacing old edging with Perma Paver Edging - you can offer your clients a better product with peace of mind that you are installing a superior product that will out perform traditional installations that typically fail. Upgrade your paver installations by removing the previously installed edging that has failed utilizing spikes (in northern states) or ordinary concrete (in southern states); make all base or bedding repairs; repair all paver edge failures then mix and install Perma Paver Edging (see installation instructions). Fine grade using soil (turf), mulch or stone and your done! You will find that our revolutionary product is much quicker, longer lasting and more profitable.

  • • Perma Paver Edging is designed to float and flex with the sub base and not work independently like standard edging and spikes.
  • • A proprietary blend of additives creates a permeable edge that is designed to let water and moisture flow through and not bust in freezing conditions.
  • • Perma Paver Edging reduces the chance of separation if cracking occurs (using a special blend of poly fibers)
  • • Non-porous aggregates help alleviate any moisture contained in the edge.
  • • Standard concrete rapidly breaks down by moisture held within the edging from humidity, rain and constant exposure to water from irrigations systems.
  • • Perma Paver Edging is formulated to eliminate rapid break-down from the extreme heat and humidity often found in southern applications.
  • • Perma Paver Edging is much more permeable than standard concrete, allowing the moisture to quickly escape; preventing breakdown from moisture found in a concrete edge that absorbs and holds water like a sponge with limestone aggregates.
  • • Perma Paver Edging gives contractors the upper hand to offer their clients a paver edging that is specifically designed for pavers; not a bag of concrete!