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Better Product – Better Project.
No More Failed Edges!

WHy we developed PERMA paver edging?

If you design or install hardscapes you will be able to relate. Year after year you create the perfect base, sand bed, cut and place your pavers with perfection, only to apply the standard edging that is destined to fail. We have walked in your shoes and we decided that enough is enough.

It was time to create a better product.

Perma Paver Edging is over 700% more flexible and over 40% more permeable than ordinary concrete. It creates a long lasting edge that will float and flex with your sub-base. This newer technology will make all other paver edging obsolete. Perma Paver Edging stays under the soil, grass or mulch grade. That means no more visible heaved spikes or hideous plastic edging.

  • • Creates a long lasting edge that will float and flex with your base and not work independently
  • • Very quick and easy to install , typically cutting edging install time down by 90%
  • • Stays under the soil/mulch grade. No more hideous edging visible
  • • Combats the freeze/thaw cycles in cold climates
  • • Won't deteriorate in moist/humid conditions in warm climates
  • • Keeps your project secured beyond warranty terms. Happy clients and continued referrals
  • • Comparable in pricing to most brand name plastic edging with spikes.



As a hardscape designer, installer, and business owner, with over 30 years of experience in the business I really saw a great need for change. For many years I asked myself many, many times.... is this plastic stuff (spiked edging) really all that is offered for paver edging? For 14 years I used plastic edging because quite frankly, there were no other options. And believe me when I tell you I’ve used every brand of paver edging on the market. But I was never satisfied. All of our hard work, from preparing the perfect base, the sand, laying the pavers, cutting, and now to install what could quite possibly be one of the most important elements and the future integrity of the project, the EDGING.

From day one dirt, grass or mulch, whichever is used to border your patio works its way between the pavers causing the edging to eventually fail. With a wet fall and a heavy freeze the edging and spikes lift, then come spring they don't settle back down...FAIL! That's when the real trouble begins. As the edging lifts off the limestone base, the sand erodes “out” and in some cases the soil or mulch erodes “in” (under your pavers)...FAIL! All this leads to settled edges, lifted edges, edge separation, and ultimately paver field separation, shifting, and more FAILURES!