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We have developed a product that has been scientifically engineered and formulated to strengthen and maintain the integrity of any paver project. Our Purpose is to change the way paver edging is done forever.

Perma Edge paver edging is used to greatly improve upon the way paver edges are built
by adding strength, stability, and a secured edge that will last.

Perma Edge is a superior product to the standard plastic edging. Use of Perma Edge
increases the speed of install and dramatically reduces edge and field repairs. Perma Edge
also reduces material cost compared to plastic edging.

If this is what your paver projects end up doing , then we can help!

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Perma Edge

Perma Edge is forumulated to be stronger than concrete but flexible enough to withstand frost heaves and moisture.

Perma Edge was invented by landscapers dealing with the frustration of paver edge separation and failure.

Parma Edge will make your paver project last for years, reduce your call-backs, improve the look of your projects and reduce your costs.

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