Perma Edge paver edging is ideal for all climates

By replacing old edging with Perma Edge - you can offer your clients a better product , not the same product that failed them to begin with. Upgrade your paver installations by removing exiting edging with spikes; make any base or bedding repairs; repair any paver edge failures then Mix and install Perma edge ( see installation instructions). Fine grade using soil (turf), mulch , or stone and your done! This is much quicker , and more profitable. It is also a great up-sell for any existing paver project that has a failing , visible plastic edge.


  • Perma Edge is designed to float and flex with the sub base and not work independently like standard edging and spikes.
  • A proprietary blend of additives creates a permeable edge that is designed to let water and moisture flow through and not bust in freezing conditions.
  • With a special blend of poly fibers, Perma Edge reduces the chance of separation if cracking occurs.
  • Non-porous aggregates help alleviate any moisture contained in the edge.



  • Concrete is used in many warm climates where frost heave and freezing is not an issue; standard concrete rapidly breaks down by moisture held within the edging from humidity, rain and constant exposure to water from irrigations systems.
  • Perma Edge is formulated to eliminate rapid break-down from these conditions.
  • Perma Edge is much more permeable than standard concrete, allowing the moisture to quickly escape; preventing breakdown from moisture found in a concrete edge that absorbs and holds water like a sponge with limestone aggregates.
  • Perma Edge gives contractors the upper hand to offer their clients a paver edging that is specifically designed for pavers; not a bag of concrete!

Perma Edge

Perma Edge is forumulated to be stronger than concrete but flexible enough to withstand frost heaves and moisture. It's over 700% more flexible than standard concrete and 40% more permeable. Perma edge uses non-porous aggregates. Water and moisture cannot get into the base of the product. It is easier and faster to install  than standard plastic edging.

Perma Edge was invented by landscapers dealing with the frustration of paver edge separation and failure.

Perma Edge will make your paver project last for years, reduce your call-backs, improve the look of your projects and reduce your costs.

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