Perma-Edge Installation Instructions

Step 1

Prepare the pavers to be edged. Break away the bedding layer, sand / chips.

Step 2

Mix, use 1 gallon of water per 5 gallon bucket of Perma Edge.

Step 3

Using a scoop or flat shovel, distribute evenly along the pavers edge.

Step 4

Using a 4" hand trowel, smooth Perma Edge at approximately a 36 degree pitch and approximately 1/2" up on the bottom of the paver. Be sure to fill any voids from undermining prior to troweling.


Step 5

Compact the pavers, while Perma Edge is still wet.

Step 6

Proceed with fine grading around the pavers using topsoil, mulch or stone.

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Perma Edge

Perma Edge is forumulated to be stronger than concrete but flexible enough to withstand frost heaves and moisture. It's over 700% more flexible than standard concrete and 40% more permeable. Perma edge uses non-porous aggregates. Water and moisture cannot get into the base of the product. It is easier and faster to install  than standard plastic edging.

Perma Edge was invented by landscapers dealing with the frustration of paver edge separation and failure.

Perma Edge will make your paver project last for years, reduce your call-backs, improve the look of your projects and reduce your costs.

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