Perma-Edge Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Perma Edge Work?

Crushed subbase applications - with a proper sub base installed 6-8" beyond the pavers edge. The wedge shape of the Perma Edge installation will block in your base (sand or screenings) and will flex and float with your subbase. It will not work independently like plastic edging and spikes.

Permeable base applications - most permeable projects require a special time consuming edging that is not practical. Spikes will not hold in a permeable subbase. Perma Edge can be applied, finger tucked (if needed) just under the pavers, then hand troweled to the wedge shape for a successful edge on permeable base projects. Please call or email us with any questions.

How does Perma-Edge compare in cost to traditional plastic edging?

Perma Edge is comparable in pricing to plastic edging and spikes. In most cases, Perma Edge is less expensive. However, Perma Edge will save you money in installation as Perma Edge is much faster to install than plastic edging. See your local dealer pricing or check out our dealer locator . If you can't find a dealer near you, please contact us directly at info@perma-edge.com.

How is Perma-Edge different than concrete or mortar?

Perma Edge is 40% more permeable and over 700& more flexible than conrete. It was engineered specifically to be used as paver edging. Portland cement is the only ingredient that is the same. Perma Edge uses non-pourous aggregates (sand and gravel) so the aggregate will not absofb or retain water like the limestone aggregates found in most concretes and mortars which retain water like a sponge greatly increasing the chance of failure. Perma Edge uses a proprietary blend of additives to make Perma Edge much more permeable than concrete or mortar; allowing water to pass through to avoid freezing in cold climates and not retain moisture in humid warm climates. Perma Edge also contains high strength fibers to prevent separation cracks.

How long does it take to install Perma-Edge?

In most cases, Perma Edge cuts your labor time by 75% or better compared to plastic installations. From mixing to installation, 50ft. of Perma Edge can be installed in 3-5 minutes in most cases

What type of paver base can Perma-Edge be installed on?

When Can I compact the pavers when using Perma-Edge?

You can compact your pavers immediately after installing Perma Edge. We recommend compacting within 4 hours of installing Perma Edge. Although it can be compacted later and has proven to have no issues (even after Perma Edge is fully dried), it is not recommended or optimal.

How high up on the pavers should I install Perma-Edge?

When can I fine grade or mulch my paver's edge after installing Perma-Edge?

You can fine grade or mulch around the pavers edge immediately after your Perma Edge is installed.

Can I install Perma-Edge in the rain?

Yes, Perma Edge can be installed under wet conditions. We don't recommend if severe weather is forecast (heavy or gushing rainfall), but a light to medium rain will not alter Perma Edge.

Can I install Perma-Edge in Cold Weather?

Perma Edge can be installed in cold weather. If the temperatures are at freezing or just above, we suggest fine grading with soil or mulch to hold in the ground heat. If it is below freezing, we suggest that you cover the edge with tarps or insulation tarps (if below 30 degrees F).

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered below, feel free to contact your local Perma Edge dealer or send us an email.


Perma Edge

Perma Edge is forumulated to be stronger than concrete but flexible enough to withstand frost heaves and moisture. It's over 700% more flexible than standard concrete and 40% more permeable. Perma edge uses non-porous aggregates. Water and moisture cannot get into the base of the product. It is easier and faster to install  than standard plastic edging.

Perma Edge was invented by landscapers dealing with the frustration of paver edge separation and failure.

Perma Edge will make your paver project last for years, reduce your call-backs, improve the look of your projects and reduce your costs.

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